Consultations and Workshops

One Hour Design Consultation


“A brushstroke can bring a garden concept to life with colour”.  Meredyth Hilton, Design Department

Clients, in a one hour process, work directly with designer Meredyth Hilton.  During this design consultation they will see their landscape space come to life in a custom rendering along with planting layout. Whether the clients love hyacinths, hostas or hydrangeas, it will be their own concept.  The process utilizes stories and pictures of their home and their personal vision of how the space will be used. Meredyth Hilton’s professional gardening expertise and artistic talents guide the process. The result? A beautifully rendered personal ‘snapshot’ of their proposed landscape space, and a planting layout. which the clients will then take home and use to create their own garden.


  • Clients will send photos, measurements and fill out a questionnaire before the consultation.

  • The design process with be a 1 hour meeting with Meredyth Hilton at the Design Department store.

  • Clients will leave with a custom drawing of their garden complete with instructions on planting and a list of plants/materials they will need to execute the design.

Available Wednesday to Sunday, 10am - 6pm, $250 + HST 



Condo Balconies and Container Gardening Workshop


Imagine adding an entire room to your condominium or apartment!  When the seasons change and it’s garden time, that’s your opportunity!  Learn how to maximize your balcony for entertaining and relaxing using  furniture that’s designed to fit and plants in containers that will grow and make your seasons green and beautiful.   Plants can do so much from creating privacy to providing herbs to giving you a few lovely tomatoes for your salads. 

Included in the class:

  • Instruction on site conditions (sun, wind etc.), plants that thrive on balconies and containers, furniture choices and design

  • Take home booklet

  • A glass of wine or bubbly

Saturday, March 30th, 2pm - 4pm, $80 + HST

Create Your Own Decorative Hanging Planter


This is a special new class that combines style, horticulture, weaving and macramé!  Create a custom planter by making your own tasseled version using ribbon, yarn and lace that wraps onto a wrought iron planter!  Your choice of black, or white materials or even a combination of both and learn the special combination of weaving and macramé now displayed in Design Department Inc. You will also pot your plant from a selection of topical plants – resulting in the perfect addition to your home greenery!

Included in the class:

  • Wrought iron hanging planter and plant

  • Selection of lace, wool and ribbon to decorate the planter

  • Instruction and guidance by Meredyth Hilton

  • Option to create the piece in white or black

  • A glass of wine or bubbly

Thursday, April 4th, 7pm - 9pm, $200 + HST

Terrarium Workshop


Design Department has exquisite terrariums and in this class guests will create their own personalized custom terrarium with expert guidance by expert gardener/designer Meredyth Hilton. Sip and tasted too, with beverage and treats!

Included in the class:

  • One round terrarium 7.5” in diameter

  • All plants and materials needed to create the final product

  • Instruction and guidance by Meredyth Hilton on composition, plant care and material options

  • A glass of wine or bubbly

Wednesday, April 10th, 7pm - 8:30pm, $80 + HST

Spring Urn Arrangement Workshop


This class will have you ready to don your gardening gloves, ready to plant your selection of lovely spring plants! Meredyth Hilton will show you how to design and plant different spring planter concepts including traditional spring planters and very modern ones. There will be an assortment of the best spring plants in the store and you will choose from one of three designs to recreate at your house. The plants you choose will all be delivered to your home (within 3km of the store only), and you’ll be ready to dig in and get started.  Voila!  Beautiful spring planters!

Included in the class:

  • Instruction and guidance by Meredyth Hilton on composition, plant care and material options

  • Three urn designs to choose from

  • All plants needed to create your design

  • Delivery of your selected materials to your house (if within 3km of the store)

  • A glass of wine or bubbly

Friday, April, 26th, 7pm - 9pm, $265 + HST

All classes require advanced booking. If you do need to cancel you can do so up until 1 week before the event date. After that time only 50% of the class fee will be returned.